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Arkady Vinogradov
Arkady Vinogradov

[S2E13] Survival Of The Idiots [PORTABLE]

The Doctor attempted to use his TARDIS key, which was still linked to the ship's interior, to bring the TARDIS back. However, after Pete accidentally made Rose hold her infant self, the Doctor was forced to sacrifice himself to the creature brought inside the church by the paradox and the creature was zapped by the key, interrupting the TARDIS' return. Pete, who realised that his survival of the hit-and-run was what caused the creatures' attack in the first place, said his goodbyes to his wife and daughter and ran in front of the car (which was stuck in a time loop outside, awaiting him). The Doctor and everyone else was brought back, and thanks to these events, the new timeline had Rose be there for her father when he died. (TV: Father's Day)

[S2E13] Survival of the Idiots



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