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AI Photo 1.10

Free Download Ixeau AI Photo full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a user-friendly text-to-image generator app that creates offline photos and artwork based on your image description.

AI Photo 1.10

Download Zip:

It is a powerful image editing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance and retouch your photos. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, this is the perfect tool for professional photographers, hobbyists, and anyone looking to improve their photos.

It is a powerful and intuitive image editing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance and retouch your photos. Its advanced features and support for multiple file formats make it the perfect tool for professional photographers and hobbyists.

Serif has announced the 1.10 update to its creative suite of applications, including Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. The update promises' superpowered performance' thanks to a major re-engineering of the software's underlying architecture.

Affinity Photo is a photo editing application available for macOS, Windows and iPadOS. The app offers many high-end features, including RAW editing, HDR merge, panorama stitching, focus stacking, batch processing, .PSD file editing, 360 image editing, a non-destructive layers-based workflow, smart object support and much more. Thanks to the new update, Affinity Photo and other Affinity apps are 'smoother,' 'faster,' and include substantial speed increases.

Serif calls Affinity 1.10 its biggest performance update ever and that because the improvements are being made to the core codebase, all users will benefit. The major optimizations include memory management in Affinity Publisher, the rendering engine in Affinity Designer and layer efficiency in Affinity Photo.

There are many more improvements and changes, all of which are detailed in the patch notes above. Of the version 1.10 update, Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Affinity developer Serif, says, 'We're proud that the Affinity apps already offer class-leading speeds in many tasks, and for our latest update we wanted to take a step back and really see what further levels of performance we could achieve.'

Affinity 1.10 is available now as a free update for existing users. For new users, Affinity Photo is available for $49.99 on macOS and Windows and $19.99 on iPad. For additional information about Affinity Photo and to download a free trial, click here.

I see there are quite strong opinions both ways for PD and AP - not surprising. I'm an old film photographer who never could get into PS. I'm generally good with learning computer programs, but I always found PS opaque. In contrast, Corel Draw, an early vector graphics program, was remarkably easy for me to learn. So I have settled for Affinity Photo and the obviously lesser Pixelmator for my photos. I can well understand that highly skilled PS people won't settle for anything less - I would be the same if I had had an affinity for for it. (pun intended) But I also am aware that Adobe has had its troubles lately and seems to be caught in the cycle of overly complex development to hang on to their income stream. Part of the technological maturing process I think we see at Microsoft and in hardware at Intel. My son who used the Adobe Suite in his business for years switched to Affinity recently. But I have to say I genuinely respect the skills of PS users. It is still the standard.

I wish people would not condemn things they no little about, I have used PSE a few years ago so to say Affinity Photo is like something from the past shows that the either have not grasped how advanced Affinity Photo has become, for example taking advantage of Graphics cards you may have installed ( I have Radeon rx580 with 8gb graphics memory) 16mg ram. extensive lens profiles I use lumix with 100x400 leica lens a bit obscure but there is a profile for that. Macros can be created. It links directly with sister programs Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer can be launched through programs like Fast stone Viewer takes plugins from programs such as Topaz. Udemy carry instructional programs from peopleSuch as Simon Foster or Phil Ebner who are conversant with photoshop also.Currently the UK prices for these Programs 47.99 no subscriptions updates are free also free trial is available. so why not form you own opinion?

The shift to AI is something to keep an eye on, and forced me to build a new computer last year. Unfortunately the market some of the companies are looking for is the one for people who want to make decorative things based on what they shot with a smart phone. Old school photographers are in a bit of a gray zone when it comes to aligning with that new marketing ethos.

I think anyone happy with Affinity is getting what they need out of it just fine, but once you start getting into the really advanced photo processing it's just not even in the same universe as Photoshop. I have Affinity and ran into far too many dead-ends where just a couple of clicks in Photoshop would get me there, but in Affinity it's a much longer process if even possible.

@ blse59, I showed a client of mine, a professional photographer, side by side photos of lens corrected and not corrected. I think I showed him 6 pairs. He picked one correctly. Not that it was necessarily improved or better but that it was lens corrected.

quick question : can this replace C1 and lightroom?I already quit lightroom+photoshop over 1.5 years and went into C1, but C1 is becoming a pain with their lack of support for newer cameras and ever increasing upgrade cost and moving into subscriptions.

It definitely could. As to library feature being absent, that is not entirely accurate, as you can download the free Bridge application, select a photo, and then select the "Open With" Affinity Pro. I do this regularly without any problems. But be warned that as good as Affinity Pro is getting, loading Plugins into the application still remain a painful proposition. Possible, but with unnecessary difficulties.

I once looked at the Adobe APIs as a developer, and it was obvious that their software was nasty bloat at that point, and I avoided them ever after. Of course, they have huge resources and a very capable product, but I'm delighted to have such a capable alternative, one that challenges your thinking, which also - at least for me - alters how I see the photo acquisition process as well as post. I'm far more aware of the compositing and figure-and-ground aspects than I ever used to be, and that helps.

I so much want Affinity to succeed.This is my only hope of dumping Adobe subscription but I find the Adobe photography package difficult to shake off.The LR availability is the main factor- the PS is a bonus.

I use Affinity Photos & Publisher. Both are very good apps. I had use photoshop since it's first release so I got familiar with the GUI. Sure, many functions defied logic which was very frustrating. Once I got a grasp on the terminology it became better. I wouldn't define my workflow as a power user though so I found myself constantly having to search, sometimes very deep into PS tutorials and spending hours to solve rather simple functions. I always thought Adobe intentionally incorporated complexity to justify the cost .Affinity has done similar things but also changed some of the terminology which added yet another layer to the complexity. With PS I guess they were entitled to developing the language used but seriously, I don't understand why Affinity needed to change some of it. After a couple years with AP I still don't understand what most of the icons at top of window mean. I still use Apple Aperture and wish it's simple, effective & intuitive GUI was used.

Yes it is a photo editor, with many of the tools also found in photoshop, which is also a photo editor. Both develop raw files, accept photo editing plug-ins and have a high degree of ability to significantly develop photos, more so than lightroom, saying they're not photo editors is simply incorrect, they do both photos and graphics.

To me it's a photo editor with very good graphics functions. It has a lot of typical photo function, focus stacking, panorama, HDR, stacking in general, astro. IMHO for that price (often around $25) it's a nobrainer. I bought all 3.

To me a photo editor is a tool that is optimized for enhancing photos. To me also a photo editor handles RAW and JPEG in a similar way or even seamlessly as a combination. To me PS is NOT a photo editor, even though it has random tools for photo enhancements. To me Lightroom is a photo editor.

For me Lightroom is barely a photo manager, the photo editing capabilities are abysmal. It works well enough to sort through images and do basic adjustments, but any editing or grading and Photoshop supersedes it vastly.

Affinity Photo is primarily a photo editor. It is a raster editor. Affinity Designer is vector based. There is some overlap between them. Affinity Publisher also does what its name implies.What is clever is that all three apps use a common file format. Also in Publisher, provided you have Designer and Photo installed you can swap seamlessly into what Affinity call the Photo or Design persona. Its like having one big app with three entry points.DAM is missing. Affinity are often reminded of that in their fora. I use Photo and Publisher and bought Designer to play with while it was on offer.

D Cox. ACR is a reason why Photoshop is not a photo editor. ACR is a tool for converting from RAW to RGB so that Photoshop can handle it. And if you can force Photoshop to import even JPEG via ACR, then that is not an advantage.

Version 1.9 and now "downgrade" to 1.10 which is actually 1.1 ?For me 1.9 is followed by 2.0 or 1.91 (if minor).Anyway, I have both PS and AP. PS is (mostly) more intuitive, but lacks a convenient Focus stacking which I use regularly for stacking multi frame macro phtots.

Not quite. While on offer your $50 would have got you both Photo and Publisher.Actually you can bulk process raws to afphoto files but unless there are major changes in this last release you cannot make complex changes while doing it. You can of course subsequently use complex macros on the afphoto files.I have found raw processing a weak part of Affinity Photo in previous releases. I will look at it again. 041b061a72


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