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Arkady Vinogradov
Arkady Vinogradov

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The goji berry warning letter also notes that in addition to being identified as harmful to male and female reproductive toxicity, and known to cause developmental toxicity in 1987, in 1992, lead was identified as causing cancer by the State of California.

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According to the goji berry warning letter, the companies named need to recall the product already sold. Additionally, the Food To Live Organic Goji Berries products need to either be reformulated or warnings need to be provided to consumers about the lead content. The companies must also pay a civil fine, states the letter.

The Californians started it, of course. The Beautiful People of the Sunshine Coast were the first to make it a momentary fad, as they have done with every little known and healthy plant, bud, fruit, nut and root ranging from alfalfa sprouts, inch-high coriander shoots to gingko nuts, Amazon acai berries, tropical noni juice to what they insist on calling Tibetan goji berries. 041b061a72


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