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Nabi Compete Buy

The nabi Compete package comes with two bands that link to the Compete mobile app for iOS or Android. There are a variety of band colors available, and the cap that covers the Bluetooth-connected button and step counter comes in different colors as well, allowing for a variety of personalized combinations.

nabi compete buy

The app, which works over Bluetooth in a 20 foot range, offers both head-to-head contests and collaborative tasks that help kids measure food burn and complete challenges, while earning pets and other virtual rewards, like badges, along the way. They can also participate in the kid-friendly social network, nabi Konnect.

The more the kids compete and stay active, the more points they earn. These, in turn, can be used to buy virtual pets and feed them. Kids can also share their mood with their family and friends using emoticons, and connect with friends in the safe social network, nabi Konnect.

Founded in 2003, the NABI Foundation invites teams from all over the country to compete in the five-day event. The program provides players with more than a few games of basketball. Throughout the week, seminars are scheduled to offer lessons in the importance of healthy living and higher education.

Craft, who paced the sideline at Ak-Chin Indian Community Recreation Center in a pair of flip flops that he finally had a chance to wear, coached the Alaskan boys to an NABI championship in 2013. Back home, a gym is really the only place his players can compete, and because they are all spread out across the giant state, they have to travel great distances just to practice together. Finding a team to scrimmage is even more difficult. NABI gives the boys the competition they crave.

Nabieva competed at the 2008 European Junior Championships, earning gold medals in the team competition and floor exercise and silver medals on balance beam, vault and uneven bars. Although no all-around final was held, Nabieva held the highest all-around score in the qualifying competition, ahead of teammate Aliya Mustafina.[2]

Nabieva competed at the 2009 and 2010 Russian Championships. In 2009, she finished third in the all-around.[3] In 2010, she competed only on vault and uneven bars due to an injury, and earned a bronze and a gold medal, respectively.[4]

Tatiana retired from gymnastics in 2016 along with 2008 Olympian Ekaterina Kramarenko and 2012 Olympic team silver medalist Anastasia Grishina, but returned to compete at the 2018 Russia National Championships where she qualified to the vault final.

In July Nabieva competed for the first time internationally since 2014[9] at the 2019 Summer Universiade alongside Lilia Akhaimova and Ulyana Perebinosova. Together they won silver in the team final behind Japan.[10] During event finals Nabieva won silver on uneven bars behind Hitomi Hatakeda of Japan[11] and won bronze on vault behind Marina Nekrasova of Azerbaijan and teammate Akhaimova.[12] 041b061a72


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