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Where To Buy Play Doh In Bulk [EXCLUSIVE]

If you prefer knowing exactly what ingredients your children are playing with, this play dough is for you. The ingredients are simple, common household ingredients you probably already have around your house. This makes this playdough a perfect natural play option.

where to buy play doh in bulk

My first batch of easy homemade play dough took a bit longer, but once we got going, it literally only took a few seconds and a total of 2 minutes from start to finish for each batch.

It comes down to consistently getting good results. Sure you can try variations. like no-cook, but does it last as long? Is it as soft? Is it low-mess as my soft homemade playdough recipe here?

Work a little vegetable or canola oil into the playdough. The best way is to pour about a teaspoon of oil onto your hands, then work it in. Add a little more gradually as needed until the playdough is soft again.

Thank you for the recipe ?I tried the recipe couple times. At first i use the exact quantities and the result was very sticky. Then second, i tried to reduce the cream of tartar to 1 teaspoon and oil to 1/2 tablespoon, at first the result was okay but after i stored it in a tight plastic container for a few days it became very sticky.I already cook it in the pan even longer..but it just sticks all over the spatula and the pan until it burns.What should i do? Should i add more salt or something?Fyi, i live in tropical country with very high humidity. Maybe that is the reason?And how long does your playdough last before it gets rotten? Because this is from flour so it will get rotten somehow right.Can we keep it in the fridge so it will last longer?I will be very glad and thankful if you can answer my questions. Thank you soooo muchhh ?

I had the same issue. Took at least 20 minutes or more of stirring to get it to be the right consistency, but still feels damp after cooling down. ? I followed the recipe exactly. All I can think of is the humidity must be higher here than where you are.

Thank you for the recipe. Very easy to make, I made 3 different colours yesterday with my little ones (they are 4 and 17 months) and they loved helping preparing and playing with it. The only thing that I would do differently would be making only one colour at a time because after 10 minutes of them playing it all became one thing ?

Great recipe. I never let my kids play with playdough because it made such a mess, but grandkids are a different story. I made one batch in hot pink and my 4-yr-old and 2-yr-old granddaughters have been playing with it for an hour.

This is great! I have three little ones, and I never buy playdough b/c it is so expensive and it gets thrown away once the colors get all mixed up. So glad its edible, EASY, and a great way to use up the cream of tartar that just sits in my cupboard! Thanks!

I bought some Cream of Tarter at a health foods store, they sell spices by the oz and it was 15 cents an oz (much cheaper than anywhere else I looked). You can always call the store before you go too.

I used vinegar this morning and it turned out great! The only thing was, it was just a little sticky at first, but as it cooled it was the perfect texture. My kids(6 and 2) played for about 1 hr and a half with it with all the play dough accessories we have.

Centuries ago, the recipe was just flour, same quantity of water and oil, lot of salt and food coloring. Monosodium glutamate was the preserving element. Yes, we ate it when we shaped cookies, pasta, ice cream palettes, so on. Any day, after learning how to mix colors to get new ones, a classmate mixed the play dough to get new a color play dough. It did not work of all. She ended up with marble play dough!

@ Erika, this is brilliant.Thanks a lot.I am experiencing problem to let my toddler playing with playdough as she keeps put everything to her mouth. Guess this will be a surprise for my husband when he saw our girl playing with dough and eat them! LOL!

Just a thought for storage, if you have a baby food eating age child and use the square plastic containers you could wash and reuse those to keep the dough instead of ziplock bags and they would stack easier in a play bin or on a shelf.

My husband found this and sent it to me! Today is our oldest boys 4th Bday, and since its rainy out, I decided on a cool project, so now we made some playdough and my two boys are in all their glory playing with it! Thank you for this, SOOOO simple to make, and very easily fixed if mess up the coloring, you know only speaking from my first batch;) Have a good weekend!

I go to a grocery store that has a pretty extensive bulk foods section. When you buy spices and such in bulk, you can usually get them for alot cheaper. Just save an empty container of cream of tartar and refill it with the stuff from buying in bulk.

I agree this is a great recipe. I have used it for years. My twist is, instead of food coloring is one pkg of unsweetened KoolAid! Not only does it color, not maybe as bright, but it makes the playdough smell great.

May I add that in our church/preschool we make a lot of homemade playdough, and one tip we discovered was to add unsweetened kool-aid mix to the ingredients. Adds some color & great smell! When it wears off you know it is time for a new batch.Love your site!

Have tried sooo many recipes and this is by far my favorite! I subbed alum for the cream of tartar and used coconut oil and it came out perfectly! Love the coconut oil instead because it smells nice and it makes hands feel very nice, not sticky or greasy ? Thanks for sharing, this is my go to play dough recipe fromNow on!

fantastic recipe! I substituted 1 teaspoon baking powder for the 2 teaspoons of cream of tarter and it still turned out fabulous like your picture ? totally felt like supermom making my first batch of homemade play dough for my little one!

Can you make the play-dough, let it cool and THEN add the food coloring? I imagine it would be a bit more kneading but I would love to make a batch and divvy it into several colors. Thank you for your help!

Perfect recipe, thank you so much for sharing! My 13 year old special needs son is actually enjoying finally being able to play with Play-Doh. The store-bought play dough is always too hard and he gets frustrated.

great Recipie, consistency is very close to real playdough. It even works in the microwave, I found it seems to work best if you heat it initially just until the top layer starts to darken, then take it out and stir it up, and repeat in 10 second increments after the initial heat until you get the same consistency you described in the pot. Came out just as well, but easier than heating up a stove and seems to hold itself together (not leaving much in the bowl) after cooking in the microwave dish so that theres no cleanup to speak of compared to the pot in my experience.

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Here are our three homemade playdough recipes: a quick recipe for no cook playdough, a wonderful cooked recipe for playdough, and an edible play doh. Plus we include a link to a gluten-free playdough recipe at the bottom of the post. 041b061a72


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