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Athabasca University Bachelor Of Commerce Accounting Program

Eighteenth-century economists had divided the English economy into three sectors: agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce. Commerce included the transport, marketing and financing of goods. The Birmingham programme in commerce included economic geography, economic history, general economics, modern languages, and accountancy.

Athabasca University Bachelor Of Commerce Accounting Program


Learn the basic features of an accounting software package. Develop bookkeeping skills by learning about the types of financial information tracked in a business, how to enter that information and how to track the information through the computerized accounting program.

Develop competency in the basics of reading and analyzing financial statements. Students learn how the financial component of a business plan is prepared with emphasis on cash flow. Other accounting related areas such as credit policy and insurance program management are explored.

In the two-year Accounting Technology program, you will study all aspects of accounting, and learn more about the field from industry experts. You will get to use your new skills during an eight-week on-the-job training placement.

Alberta Accounting and Accountancy University ProgramsAccounting and Accountancy undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate advanced certificates and degrees available in Alberta.Study for a bachelor, masters or a doctorate (PHD) Accounting and Accountancy degree program in Alberta.

As part of the elective hours within the accounting program, students are encouraged to enroll in the accounting internship course as many of the internship experiences have led to full-time employment opportunities for the graduate.

Dr. Lorna Stefanick earned her BA at the University of British Columbia, an MA at the University of Calgary, and her Ph.D. at Queen's University (Kingston). Lorna's association with Athabasca University is a long one. The first university course she registered in over 30 years ago was a distance course at AU. She worked at her degree for a number of years, eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from UBC. Her master's degree from the University of Calgary was completed much the same way, part-time, in a program designed for working professionals. Lorna completed her Ph.D. in 1996 at Queens University and taught at both the Universities of Calgary and Lethbridge in their Political Science departments. In 1999 Lorna joined the University of Alberta's local government program as Chief Editor and later as the Acting Director. Here she oversaw the development of courses and course components for the online environment. Her responsibilities included the development of national programs in Information Access and Protection of Privacy and Local Government Administration; the latter program won the 2003 CAUCE Award of Excellence Program Award. Aside from providing professional development for public administrators in two important areas, this program work was particularly rewarding as it allowed remote adult learners to participate in an interactive instructional experience with students from across Canada. Lorna moved to AU in 2004 to assume leadership of its Governance program. She believes strongly that knowledge and skill development are not the preserve of society's elite; that we all collectively benefit when barriers to higher education are removed.Lorna's research interests are as diverse as her teaching background. Her graduate work and early publications focused on environmental policy and environmental interest groups. In recent years, she has both published and made presentations on local government and community transitions to non resource-based economies, transnational environmental activism, administrative accountability, information access and privacy, and cyber communities.

Accounting program expand a wide range of skills such as communication, teamwork, strategy, leadership and problem-solving. After ending university you can choose a global organisation and have a benefit from some amazing travel opportunities.

On Accounting program you will explore the essential elements of accounting and finance specifically, through modules on financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate finance and financial risk. Accounting course also delves into different aspects of business operations, from the challenges of managing people, processes and customers, to the way organisations operate within a global political, legal and social environment.

Athabasca University, Canada's largest online and distance education university, delivers courses and programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The flexibility of online and distance learning allows students to complete courses and full credential programs on a full-time or part-time basis. Students may also complete Athabsca University courses to satisfy the graduation requirements at other universities and colleges. AU courses are accessed by more than 30,000 individuals annually.

Athabasca University (AU) was created as a publicly funded and fully accredited university under the statutes of the Province of Alberta, Canada. Athabasca University specializes in the delivery of distance education courses and programs.

University certificate programs are offered in accounting, administration, advanced accounting, career development, computers and management information systems, computing and information systems, counseling women, English language studies, French language proficiency, health development administration, home health nursing, industrial relations and human resources, labour studies, and public administration.

Canadian Virtual University (CVU) is an innovative partnership of Canada's leading English and French universities. Students can select from among 2,000 courses in the CVU catalogue and apply them to programs at any partner university. There are also fee savings for students who take courses from more than one partner university. For easy searching of courses and complete programs, students should visit CVU's Web site ( Athabasca University is a founding partner in CVU.

Athabasca University grants credit for approved courses completed at other recognized postsecondary institutions, and its credits are eligible for transfer to programs at other universities worldwide. Some students can apply for a Prior Learning Assessment, which evaluates nonformal university-level learning for credit toward a credential. Athabasca University courses are generally either 3 credits or 6 credits. Typically, a three-year degree program requires 90 credits and four-year degree programs require 120 credits.

Degree Completion recognizes the completion of a college diploma or university degree by granting admission into an upper year of a specific Windsor program with a defined block of credits, leaving a set number of course requirements needed to complete your degree.

We offer a 50-week Accounting & Payroll Administrator Diploma program through our Robertson Online campus. This program includes a 4-week practicum and is recognized by The Canadian Payroll Association. Students will gain a basic understanding of office procedures, bookkeeping, Sage and Quickbooks computerized accounting as well as corporate and financial accounting and payroll administration.

We are pleased to offer the following formal pathways for university and college transfer students. Secondary school transcripts are not required for admission consideration to these programs. Admission is generally to a level above first year/semester (varies by program). Mature Student Guidelines do not apply. We encourage you to visit each program page for specific admission requirements and transfer details:

Alberta Technology Studies University ProgramsTechnology Studies undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate advanced certificates and degrees available in Alberta.Study for a bachelor, masters or a doctorate (PHD) Technology Studies degree program in Alberta.


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