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Arkady Vinogradov
Arkady Vinogradov

Porting Kit News.

With advanced HomePlug AV2 MIMO, TL-PA9020P delivers 4x faster speed than legacy Homeplug AV500 over Powerline to provide superior network performance, supporting all of your online needs. With a lag-free connection, you will never miss out again.

Porting Kit news.

I purchased a porting kit through Summit, which came with a ton of different size sandpaper bits in different grits that could go on a Dremel or an air tool. The 1-inch deep sandpaper bits were best for our use since we always knew that if the entire bit was inside the intake manifold, but right at the edge of the face, then we were exactly at one inch depth per NASA rules.

There is a bit of artwork to porting an intake. If you port too much, you could destroy an intake manifold and you will be jumping in the truck to head to Pick-A-Part for a new one. The trick is to take your time. Grind, check your work, grind, check your work, grind. If you grind too much, you could make things worse for smooth air flow once the phenolic spacer is put into place. The whole point of this project was to make the engine more powerful, not less. Pro Tip: Slow down.

About oneAPI Ecosystem Adoption: Continued ecosystem adoption of oneAPI is ongoing with new Centers of Excellence being established. One, the Open Zettascale Lab at the University of Cambridge, is focused on porting significant exascale candidate codes to oneAPI, including CASTEP, FEniCS and AREPO. The center offers courses and workshops with experts teaching oneAPI methodologies and tools for compiling and porting code and optimizing performance. In total, 30 oneAPI Centers of Excellence have been established.


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